Sunday, January 3, 2010

So, maybe now that I'm an 'old married lady' I'll be able to keep up with this!  Ha, we'll see!!

What a fabulous and blessed FallBrett and I had!!  A wonderful Alabama Football team, spending time with wonderful friends, making new friends, holidays with the family.. oh yes, and getting married!!!!!!!

The wedding was wonderful, I couldn't have asked for anything better, it was all dreamed of since the first time I watched Cinderella when I was a little girl!  I can never thank all that were apart of it enough for all that they have done.  Brett and I are blessed with an amazing family and equally as amazing friends!!

We honey mooned in New York, and had a BLAST!!!  We were delayed a couple days in Atlanta due to the "blizzard of 2009", we made the most of it, and then were off to NYC!!  It was so cold up there, but we had so much fun!  We went to see Wicked, the Radio City Rockettes, the BEAUTIFUL tree in Rockefeller Center, Macy's, Wall Street... etc etc etc!!!!  So many fun and exciting things!  As fun as it was, we were glad to go home and spend time with family on Christmas Day!

We are now 'settled' in our house in Northport.  Brett has lived here the past 3 years, and I am now very excited to be here!  When we first got home you couldn't hardly walk through the place due to boxes of my things and wedding gifts, we had fun tackeling this project together, and now have a since of accomplishment in having a clean home!

Here are some pics of the fall, a few of the wedding pics I have on this computer, and NYC pics!

Some of the Engagement Pictures Ashley (my sister-in-law) took, doesn't she do a GREAT JOB!
Brett cooperated very well :)

The Boykins

Brett was inducted into the Fort Dale Athletic Hall of fame this past fall!
Youth Group Retreat!  Brett and I are having so much fun hanging out with these guys!

Jessy and I on Halloween!

Brett and Andrew, tailgating before LSU

Tesney and I during the LSU game, very genuine and sincere smiles here! One of my fav pics

Mary Helen and I at the MSU game

Another one of my favorite pictures.. Clayton, hearing Mary Helen through the speaker above him singing "Angels Among Us" as the wedding was beginning, he was CONVINCED she was in the wall, and was amazed by this!
Mr. and Mrs. Paulk :):):):):)

Time Square

Before "Wicked" began- Such an AWESOME show!!!
'On Top of the Rock'
loved this tree!
The Tree in our Hotel

Santa! At Macy's
Serendipity.. Hot Chocolate, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Humble Pie.. Mmmmmm!!!

Radio City, before the Rockettes
The Rockettes
Last stop in NYC.. Roxy for cheesecake!


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  2. OK, I tried to comment last night, but apparently it didn't work. I think it said something like, "love the pics and love you guys!" BTW, you aren't an old married lady yet. Wait till you're pushing 35 and have a couple of kids...then you can join the club! :)