Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waterford Crystal?????

Ha! I have to say, that I am very partial to Waterford Crystal.. this would come from my grandmother (and later mother) giving me a Waterford Crystal Christmas ornament every year from the time I was born until this past Christmas when I was given my whole collection. I'm guessing now I'm on my own to continue the tradition, which I plan on doing. I'm sure my facination with Waterford is of course due to all peices being very beautiful along with the connection between my name Crystal Waters, and Waterford Crystal- I know I'm a goof!

Anyway.. Brett and I have slowly been registering for things, and we have talked about our china and Crystal. My grandmother has given me her fine china, which is extremely nice and still has 10 place settings, so I think we are going to stick with that. As far as the Crystal goes.. I just can't see registering for the good Waterford peices that I know we wouldn't use, so I just told Brett we'd do glasses that were less extravagant that we'd more likely use.. He, in return gives me one of those are you crazy looks.. I ask him what's the look for and he says, "Why on Earth would we register for any glasses, we have all the glasses we will ever need, and ones we can replace anytime for really cheap".....

Oh, yes.. We have all the Newks and Stadium cups that we will EVER need!!!

He makes me laugh.. but in so many ways, he is so very right!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My favorite time of year..

Well.. kind of! My favorite season would have to be the late fall/winter.. I love jackets, fireplaces, heated seats, and of course football season, and Christmas is my favorite holiday.. Buttt SUMMER in TUSCALOOSA is my favorite time.. It's the quiet before the storm of crazy Bama fans coming in September and all the traffic of students back in routines. It's nice to be able to go across campus without having to worry about cars and people everywhere.. It's nice to go to Target without being crazy busy with people moving back into town.. it's just nice :) of course by mid August I'll be ready for all the hustle and bustle to return.. but for now, I'm going to enjoy quicker quieter trips around town and on campus and just enjoying this town that I have come to LOVE without all the extra people!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have to say I have had a very uneventful life recently-- which is FINE with me!! Life is good, and I am blessed, so I don't really need anything else! Brett is finishing up with another semester of school.. one more down, hopefully this time next year he'll be done, if not very shortly after- I know the boy is ready to be done with school! We are both looking forward to a great summer, no plans have been made, but just a good one with friends and family. When I started this blog I stated it would more than likely be very boring! Hopefully I'll have something exciting to write about soon!!