Thursday, April 23, 2009

B/C it's my favorite story to tell...

So all the people that follow this blog know this story, but it's still my favorite, and I just felt like reflecting on it today :) My favorite story of course being.. My proposal!

Brett was eating dinner in the Zone for a golf tournament he was playing in, and I was with Glisa and Tesney (and Clayton) having dinner for Glisa's birthday. Their husbands were at the same dinner Brett was at, so it all worked out perfectly. Glisa and I had been talking about having them go up to the stadium to take a family picture possibly for their Christmas cards. We had been talking about it for a while, because I worked up at the stadium at the time and thought that I could plan it out on a Sunday afternoon for us to go. During dinner Glisa and Tesney told me that the guys had worked it out that they could take their picture that night since everyone was already dressed nice and all there. I wasn't so sure about that because I knew they had just painted the feild for that up coming Saturday's home game vs. MSU, but I said sure we can try. After we had eaten dinner we got some coffee and they guys called us to come over to the stadium, so off we went. We met with they guys up front and just walked in like we owned the place.. I, however, was slightly scared.. I knew how particular they were about that field was afraid I was going to get caught out there and get fired from my job! The boys said that only rule was to stay off the paint! So we started taking the pictues! The Davis' took theirs, and then the Boykin's.. then I looked to Brett and asked him to take on with me, he of course groaned a little bit and said, "Crystal we have like 100 pictures here at the stadium" I replied, "Not ON the field!!" So he laughed and then smiled...

He then said we should take on more from another angle.. I smiled, and he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him :) I stood there with my mouth opened, and he simply said.. well?? haha, I was just so excited and surprised I couldn't even speak, it was amazing!

I was very very excited, and so proud!After he asked me I heard cheering from people that were at the banquet and then he pointed up and showed me his family in the stands and my grandmother.. that made the night! Having the Boykin's, Davis', and our family there was the icing on the cake!

Our 'children'. Little do these children know that they have been role models for us, and that there opinions and thoughts on us help us strive to be better!

My grandmother.. this reminds me that I'll have to blog on how wonderful I think this lady is very soon :)
Glisa and Tesney.. 2 very great friends that help me everyday!

Just thinkback on this night makes me smile as I sit and type it!! Once again I remember how truly blessed I am!

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  1. you didn't tell me you have a blog!!! or did you and I just forgot? Either way, I love it!