Friday, April 17, 2009

One lucky girl!

Well I should really say BLESSED! Because that’s what I am.. This post will be a tribute to my best friend and love of my life, Brett, sorry if that makes some of you nauseous, but it won’t be too oooey gooey ;)

Yesterday I realized, yet again, how blessed I am to have him in my life and to soon have him as my husband (8 months from Sunday to be exact, but who’s counting—HA!!). Yesterday he helped my old boss Charles up at the stadium with some things to prepare for Saturday’s A-Day game. It wasn’t anything too hard just putting an awning together, which is something he enjoys doing. He loves building things and putting stuff together. But this was something he did as a favor and something he did for me when he could have been at the golf course or anywhere really. After that he came up to the CDRC, where I currently work, to meet me. We were having a family picnic at work and all the families came with a potluck dish, and it was a great success I thought. There was a lot of work put into it, and it all went so smoothly. I ask Brett to come up here so he could eat as well as seeing where I now work and meeting some of the people I am with everyday. He came right over after he finished helping at the stadium. He ate, and then right back to work putting tables and chairs up from the picnic! Again another job he didn’t sign up to do, he just did because he is that kind of guy. It was a very easy job, the hard parts had already been done, but I was still so happy to see how he helped, no questions asked! There have been many days when he has come to my rescue and helped me with things at work or at home, and I am very appreciative!
He is always ready to help someone, no matter what it is. Putting up tables and chairs, yard work, moving furniture, transporting things, playing with children.. just all sorts of things! He always does it with a smile too, never grumbling about what he has to do, just doing it because he can and wants to help someone that needs it. He has such a huge heart and is very considerate of what others may need. He’s a pretty great guy, and this is just one of his many great characteristics. His greatest would have to be his always growing faith, and his ability to push me to be a better person and child of God… sometimes I forget how blessed I am with him, and through ups and downs I am so glad he and I are where we are today.. Thank you Brett, I love you!

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  1. He is a product of two people who are that way, Crystal and you are blessed to have him. Having said that, he is just as blessed to have you! Someone who sees his goodness and strengths and tells him how much she appreciates those characteristics in him. Oh yes, my friend, you are both blessed and I just know that God will continue to bless both of you, as you follow him all the days of your life together. You are both very special!