Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not sure if this is ok...

So I am not sure if this a ‘correct’ blog for me.. you’ll see why as you read along.

There is a group that Brett belongs to here in Tuscaloosa, called The Sons of Thunder, and wow the things it has done. I, of course, have never been to one of there gatherings for it is all for men, but I know the effects it has had. Brett started going about a year ago at St. Marks here in town and since then a chapter(??) has been formed at University Church, where we attend. I don’t know what goes on behind those closed doors, but I know in the past year Brett’s faith and out reach has grown tremendously. Yes, there have been many other factors in our life of recently that have changed us for the better, but it’s almost like it all began there. A year ago Brett and I weren’t even a couple, and we were both struggling spiritually, but praise God that we are back on the narrow path. I bring up the Sons of Thunder because of a retreat they are having this weekend here in Tuscaloosa. Nikita Koloff & Lex Lugar will be the speakers, which means nothing to me because growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch wrestling with the boys, but apparently they are a pretty big deal—or so my older brother says! If any of you read this blog and have a male in mind that would get something out of this and are in the Tuscaloosa area you should check it out

I say I am not sure if I should blog about this, because I am not in the group, but again I just know the impact it has had. Brett is someone that, I have already said, is very giving of his time and energy but is also very quiet in all that he does. He never does anything to merely receive a compliment—except for maybe the way he dresses, he get’s pretty excited and proud of that! Throughout him being involved in this ministry he has reached out to others inviting them to the group, lunch, setting up prayer meetings—all wonderful things that he has always been capable of, and has done with close friends and family, but he now reaches outside of his comfort zones and asks the hard questions to those he would normally just hit the gym or eat lunch with. This is so encouraging to me and I know he will be a wonderful spiritual leader of our family.


  1. It's definitely been a huge blessing for us too. BTW, can you still see my blog? I went private. Did I invite you? If not, I need to...

  2. Yes, I can see it.. I only wish mine was as witty and fun as yours.. Maybe Brett and I should keep Clayton some then I could have tons of fun stories to tell!