Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

What a great Easter weekend we had! We got to spend a long weekend in Fort Deposit with friends and family.. something we haven't done in quite a while! Brett was so excited to get to go home and play golf at his home course-- as he likes to call it! And I'm glad for him. He said when we were deciding to go home that rain or shine, hot or cold, allergy problems or not, he was most definitley playing golf as much as he could over the weekend.. And he did, and had fun. That makes me happy. Golf is one of his loves, and he hasn't had much time to play the past 9 months with school, so I'm very glad he got to, along with spending time on the course with his dad and other golfing buddies.

Now, for the girls.. sadly I wasn't very productive! Mrs. Sharon, Ashley, and I ventured to Montgomery Friday to go to Sams, with a few stops here and there. A great day though, I always love days like that with the girls, reminds me of when I was little and I would go off running erronds with my mother. It's so nice to have the feeling of belonging to a family. Saturday there was a lot of lounging going on! I only wish I had made it out to the pool so I could at least say that I achieved a tan instead of staying inside and acheiving, well.. rest!?!

Sunday was filled with great fellowship. It was very nice to be home for church as well. We absolutely LOVE church here at University Church of Christ and get so much out of it, it truly is amazing. We are blessed with a wonderful preacher and amazing church family!!! But there is something about being 'home' and sitting on a pew filled with family and hearing a good back home lesson on such a special day such as Easter that is worth so much. It was great seeing old friends and family all at the same place.


And then, there was Easter dinner.. WOW!! As always, it was so good! Everything home made from scratch, nothing else will ever be expected out of Mrs. Sharon's kitchen! It's a very good thing that Brett knows that the shoes of Mrs. Sharon's full blown amazingly delicious spreads of family dinner will never be filled by me! I can imitate pretty good, but she definitley has a way in the kitchen! From dinner to dessert it was all delicious.. roast, 'crumby' chicken, cream corn, 'real' green beans, lima beans, potato casserole, pineapple casserole, broccoli salad, fruit salad.. homemade (duh) apple pie, bannana pudding, and red velvet cake.. mmm, my mouth is watering again! Thank you Mrs. Sharon, once again, for such an amazing dinner! The rest of the afternoon consisted of the Masters and spending time with family, such a great day.

It was great to reflect on how blessed I am for a God to send his son only to die for me. And He has truly blessed me with such amazing friends and family.. Thank you God!


  1. Hey gorgeous!!!! So glad you're joining the blogging world - now Emma Claire and I can keep up with you!!!!

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    Hey girl. Saw on facebook you had one. I love it! Check mine out. Hope all is well.